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About Me: About Me

About Reginald and Family

Reginald Reaves is fulfilling his life’s assignment to preach and teach God’s life changing Word, delivering insights to strengthen families, inspire hope, and to proclaim salvation in Christ to those that are lost. He serves alongside his Dad, Bishop Alfred Reaves, at the Church of the New Covenant in Baltimore, Maryland.


Pastor Reggie’s ministry approach of finding answers to life’s problems and challenges in God’s Word has brought healing and wise counsel to many. “God’s Word is not an outdated, ancient book that is too old fashioned to speak to our modern issues; to the contrary, it has relevance and speaks directly to who we are.” He hosts the All Things Faith and Family Podcast which can be heard on all major podcast platforms.


Pastor Reg is driven to see the rebuilding and restoration of families, and an ignition of faith in God. He holds a Bachelor of Ministry from International Seminary in Plymouth, Florida and is continuing his education in pastoral counseling and family studies.


He is married to the love of his life, Katrina Reaves and together they serve in ministry endeavoring to bless their community, one family at a time.

They are the proud parents of their two daughters, Brielle and Thalia Reaves.

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